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Cordex Pack Pvt. Ltd. is an experienced cargo bar manufacturer and distributor based in Bangalore, offering innovative solutions to ensure the safety of your cargo. Our Cargo Bars, meticulously engineered for precision and durability, serve as a robust safeguard for your goods during transportation. With adjustability catering to various container sizes, these bars offer versatility, ensuring a secure fit for diverse cargo requirements.
Our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing; it encompasses a dedication to providing comprehensive cargo protection solutions. Cordex Pack Pvt. Ltd.'s Cargo Bars not only meet industry standards but exceed expectations, emphasizing our unwavering commitment to ensuring the safe and secure transit of your valuable cargo. Choose Cordex Pack Pvt. Ltd. for innovative and reliable cargo protection solutions that go the extra mile to safeguard your shipments.

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Benefits and Advantages

  • Strong and Elastic:

    Superior breaking strength and high elasticity for effective cargo stabilization.

  • Flexible and Easy Lashing:

    Exceptional flexibility for easy lashing in diverse container hooks.

  • Rust-Resistant:

    Constructed with materials that resist rust for extended durability.

  • Easy Application and Removal:

    Streamlined design for effortless use and quick removal.

  • Weather-Resistant:

    Withstands extreme weather conditions for consistent performance.

  • User-Friendly:

    Convenient to use without the need for safety gloves.

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